Our Giving Program

We are privileged to collaborate with community non-profits to amplify their message and raise funds for their cause. Through our efforts, we have successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars for a carefully selected group of individuals whom we now consider friends. We employ a variety of methods to raise funds for our partners, including bottle drop donations, QR code generation, as well as in-house and virtual amplification. Additionally, every dollar raised from the sale of Jello Shots is directed to our partner, furthering our shared mission.

Let us know of an organization that could be a good fit for us to connect with!

Some of the friends we have partnered with are;

The Cupcake Girls

The Pink Lemonade Project

The OASIS program of the Old Town Community Association


Free Geek

Portland Rose Festival Foundation

8 Seconds Juneteenth Rodeo







Call or email to connect with us!

Dixie Tavern

32 NW 3rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97209